Connie's Trunks gives tired old trunks new life from the beautiful shores of Sebago Lake, Maine.

Antique Trunk #630 - A WHALEN 1880s Flat Top Trunk with Leatherette Trim, Leather Straps, and Working Lock & Key

This is a very well-built trunk built for travel. The wood tone is complimented by the brown leatherette trim, which is in remarkable condition.

Since the outside was originally covered with thick canvas, it was very well protected during its many years of travel. The built-in leatherette center strap add to its overall stability. The detail of all the hardware is really gorgeous.

We restored both Trunk 630 and Trunk 629 at the same time because they really complement each other. It's very rare to get two trunks that would make such great end tables. We almost listed them as a pair, but decided to offer them individually. This a perfect candidate for a glass top to utilize the entire surface.


  1. The top is flat offering a useable display surface.

  2. The top front edge is protected with beautiful protective hardware.

  3. The three large rear hinges roll over the rear top edge for protection during travel.

  4. The fancy corner hardware that wraps around the corners of the body and top of the trunk are in great condition.

  5. The lock is original. It works great and comes with a key.

  6. The large guides located on each side of the lock are original and in wonderful condition.

  7. The handle hardware is original while the replacement leather handles and leather straps are from The handle hardware includes built-in guides to help keep the top and bottom secure during travel.

  8. The large hasps have built-in lifts that are used to raise the lid while opening the trunk.

  9. The bottom has four rollers to help with mobility.

  10. The manufacturer's brass label located in the top reads "WHALEN" Harness & Trunk Maker Manchester, N.H.


  1. The inside offers a great storage area.

  2. The lid stay is original.

The inside and outside are finished with a Tung oil mixture and then a light coat of satin polyurethane. The finish is waterproof and soft to the touch.

This trunk measures 28.5 inches wide, 18 inches front to back, and 21 inches all (measurements include hardware).

Our price includes insurance, packaging, and shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states. If you are west of the Mississippi, please add $50 to the price.

Price: $650

Our Price INCLUDES Insurance, Packing & Shipping
(to any of the 48 contiguous states)


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front   manufacturer's label
front angle   lock & key
fancy edge hardware   hasp with lift
flat top   handle hardware with guides
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