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Antique Trunk #637 - Beautiful 1870 Dome Top Steamer Trunk with Original Brass Lock & Divided Tray

This post U.S. Civil War trunk was originally covered with heavy embossed leather. Once we removed the deteriorated covering, we discovered this beautiful wood. The wood has a deep rich color tone and is in fantastic condition.

Considering that the U.S. Civil War went from 1861 to 1865, this is a combination of a stunning piece of history and a beautiful piece of furniture. At the completion of the war, trunk manufacturers starting making a curved top trunk versus the earlier, plain flat top. They wanted to get away from the footlocker design.


  1. The hardware was original, but there were a lot of missing or incomplete pieces that had to be replaced.

  2. Dome top trunks were made for the wealthier traveler and were designed to always end up on the top of the trunk pile for safe keeping. Thus, it weathered the travel well.

  3. The curved slats were steamed, formed, and dried to follow the contour of the dome top.

  4. The original short leather straps were broken and dried out, so we replaced them with ones we made, they look great!

  5. The built-in metal straps pass under the hardwood slats, adding to the overall stability.

  6. The beautiful brass lock is original and comes with a key.

  7. The bottom corner hardware includes built-in rollers which help with mobility, empty or full. The hardware is etched "PATD Nov 27 1853."

  8. The handle hardware did not work well, so we replaced it with the same style hardware which came off a similar style trunk. Crouch & Fitzgerald were known for using this style handle during this time. In the 1880s, most manufacturers turned to leather handles with pressed tin handle hardware or sometimes cast iron handle hardware for the higher end trunks.

  9. The beautiful rear hinges are original and in great condition.

  10. We also replaced the missing lift, which is located over the brass lock. This not only looks great, but its function is to help to raise the lid when opening the trunk instead of pulling on the lock or straps.


  1. The divided tray is original, but we replaced the original damaged cardboard bottom with a sturdier bottom so the tray can be used for storage.

  2. The document holder, located in the top of the lid, is original but more of a conversation piece versus useable envelope storage due to its age.

The outside and inside are protected with a Tung oil mixture and coat of satin polyurethane. Lastly, it is waxed and hand rubbed for added softness.

This trunk measures 28 inches wide, 18.5 inches front to back, and is approximately 24 inches tall at its center (measurements include hardware).

Our price includes insurance, packaging, and shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states. If you are located west of the Mississippi, please add $ 50 to the price due to its size and weight.

Price: $700

Our Price INCLUDES Insurance, Packing & Shipping
(to any of the 48 contiguous states)


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front   front angle
brass lock, key & lift   dome top
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inside tray   inside storage envelope
inside without tray   before pic

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