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Antique Trunk #713

Spectacular 1870s Curved Top, Oak Slat Trunk with a Solid Brass Lock

WOW! This Excelsior style trunk is about the rarest trunk to find. The craftsmanship is exceptional This style trunk was built to endure rough travel and remain solid and intact. It’s difficult to describe its true beauty, so we’re hoping the pictures below show how special it is.

The trunk was in a distressed state when we purchased it, but we could imagine how beautiful it could be. This was a real challenge, and we are very pleased with the end result.

Trunk 713

The contrast of the dark metal, rich wood tone, and exceptional craftsmanship makes this trunk so special. No two trunks are alike even when manufactured at the same time by the same company. The characteristics of the wood make each trunk a little different. This beauty must have a rich history and probably traveled the world twice. It was crying for help when we found it!


  1. The body and top of the trunk are covered with vertical rounded matching oak slats.
  2. Each oak top slat is individually nailed and locked in place over the pine body.
  3. The hardwood slat ends are protected with angled wrap around metal hardware. Since many were broken or damaged, we replaced a lot of them along with some of the metal edging. As you see, it came out beautiful.
  4. The beautiful solid brass lock works and comes with a key. We added the brass lift over the lock to help when opening the trunk. One should NEVER pull up on the lock to raise the lid. The lift works great and adds no stress on the original brass lock.
  5. The curved top and oak slats are beautiful. The matching oak slats had to be heated and then attached to the pine top to follow the curve. A true craftsman built this beauty.
  6. The detailed cast iron rear hinges are also original and in remarkable shape.
  7. The old leather handles are original along with the cast iron handle hardware.
  8. The replacement short leather straps are from


  1. The inside offers a great storage area.
  2. We replaced the cloth lid stay with a more secure large metal lid stay.

General Information

This trunk measures 32.5 inches wide, 20 inches front to back, and 22 inches tall at its tallest point. Measurements include hardware.

The inside and outside are finished with a Tung oil mixture and then a light coat of satin polyurethane. The finish is waterproof and soft to the touch.

If you’re located west of the Mississippi, please add $50 to the price due to size, weight, and your location.

Price: $1,600

Trunk 713 front Trunk 713 brass lock, key, and brass lift
front brass lock, key, and brass lift
Trunk 713 curved top Trunk 713 left end
curved top left end
Trunk 713 right end Trunk 713 top view
right end top view
Trunk 713 another top view Trunk 713 short leather straps
another top view short leather straps
Trunk 713 back Trunk 713 rear hinge
back rear hinge
Trunk 713 inside Trunk 713 before pic
inside before picture

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