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Antique Trunk #655

Stunning, 1870s Barrel-Top Trunk with Original Hardware and Solid Brass Lock

We always get excited when we find a trunk with this many great features. We loved this one so much that we traveled a few hours to pick it up.

Originally, this trunk was covered with embossed brown leather. Once the leather was removed, we discovered this beautiful wood beneath. Its beauty was hidden all those years, but the leather did protect it during travel. This would be a great addition to any home.


  1. The wood is a warm color with a lot of personality. It truly is a beautiful piece of furniture.
  2. Solid Brass locks were only used on high quality trunks. This one is etched “PAT’D MAR 69 & OCT 71.” This is a good indication that this trunk came from the 1870s.
  3. All the hardware is original. The locking mechanism located on each side of the lock is quite unique. It is etched “PATENTED JULY 1 73.” We have only seen a couple of trunks with this style hardware out of the hundreds we have restored.
  4. The hardwood slats are also quite special. They have a pronounced grain and the manufacturer alternated wide and narrow slats. All are attached with beautiful medium size brass/copper button tacks and double layer end cap hardware.
  5. The bottom corner hardware includes a bottom roller that helps with mobility, empty or full.
  6. The replacement leather handles are from, while the cast-iron, handle hardware is original.


  1. The inside has been sanded and protected with a Tung oil mixture.
  2. The body of the trunk offers a deep storage area.

General Information

This trunk measures 34 inches wide, 20 inches front to back, and approximately 24 inches tall. Both the inside and outside have been protected with a stain and Tung oil mixture and then a finish coat of Polyurethane. The finish is soft to the touch and ready to enjoy.

Our price includes insurance, packaging, and shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states. If you are located west of the Mississippi, please add $50.

Price: $650

front front angle
solid brass lock locked hardware
unlocked hardware right end
left end another front angle
barrel top lock etching
back inside

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