Giving tired, old trunks new life from the beautiful shores of Sebago Lake, Maine.
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Antique Trunk #670

Gorgeous, Flat-Top Cabin Trunk with Leatherette Trim, Working Lock & Key, Inside Tray, and Removable Legs

This is a gorgeous trunk with beautiful wood tone. This size/style trunk was called a “cabin trunk” because most times it would fit in your cabin instead of trunk storage.

We added removable legs to this trunk, so when using it as a coffee table you’ll have a comfortable area to place your feet. If you prefer, the legs can be removed easily (adding legs does not take away from the trunk’s antiquity value, instead it adds to its versatility).


  1. The top is flat, offering a great useable surface. This is a perfect candidate for a glass top if preferred.
  2. The leatherette trim and built-in straps are original, in great condition, and are attached with rounded nail heads.
  3. The wood itself is in great shape since this trunk most likely did not see a lot of rough travel.
  4. The corners are protected with detailed, wraparound hardware.
  5. The hardwood oak slats are in fantastic condition and are attached with beautiful hardware.
  6. The lock is etched “EAGLE LOCK CO TERRYVILLE CONN USA.” The lock comes with a key and works great.
  7. All the hardware is original, including handle hardware and leather handles.
  8. The large hasps include built-in lifts to help raise the lid.
  9. The three hinges roll over the back edge for added protection. Also, this trunk has front and rear edge protection hardware.


  1. The inside includes an original, divided tray.
  2. The inside offers great storage with or without the tray.

General Information

Both the outside and inside are protected with a Tung oil mixture and satin polyurethane, and has been hand rubbed for added beauty. This trunk measures 36.5 inches left to right, 20.5 inches front to back, and 16.5 inches tall as pictured (13 inches tall without the legs).

Our price includes insurance, packaging, and shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states. If you are west of the Mississippi, please add $50 to the price. (Ca: 1880s, before suitcases!)

Price: $675

front front angle
corner hardware handle hardware
flat top & leatherette trim Eagle lock & key
hasp with built-in lift & edge hardware another front angle
flat top left end
right end back
inside with divided tray inside without tray
before pic

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