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Antique Trunk #682

Rare, Well-Built, 18-Inch Tall Trunk with Leatherette Trim, Original Hardware, and Working Lock & Key

This is a great looking trunk and quite rare. This is only the second trunk we have had that’s 18 inches tall, perfect coffee table height. Most trunks are 21 to 24 inches tall.

Trunk 682

This trunk has all the quality features of a larger trunk, just on a smaller scale. This could be the one that fits your special needs. This is a very well-made trunk.


  1. The darker leatherette trim and center strip are in great condition. Some of the decorative black accent lines are still visible, which is awesome. No two trunks are exactly alike due to the character of the wood and because of finish details like this.
  2. All the hardware is original and in remarkable condition.
  3. The wraparound edge protective hardware did its job during rough travel.
  4. The lock comes with a key and works great.
  5. The top has a slight curve, offering a useable surface.
  6. The large guides located on each side of the lock help to keep the top and trunk body secure.
  7. The replacement leather straps and handles are from
  8. The handle hardware is original, along with the bottom front strap hardware and leatherette tabs.
  9. The top front edge is protected with detailed, contoured hardware while the back edge is protected with the tops of the three large rear hinges.
  10. The large hasps have built-in lifts, which help when opening the trunk.
  11. The oak slats are a deeper wood tone, offering a beautiful contrast.
  12. The bottom has four rollers, which helps with mobility empty or full.


  1. This trunk offers a nice storage area.

  2. The lid stay is original.

General Information

The inside and outside are finished with a Tung oil mixture and then a light coat of satin polyurethane. The finish is waterproof and soft to the touch.

This trunk measures 33 inches wide, 21 inches front to back, and 18 inches tall (measurements include hardware).

Our price includes insurance, packaging, and shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states. If you are west of the Mississippi, please add $25 to the price. (Ca: 1880s, trunks were widely used before suitcases were introduced)

Price: $575

front top view
front angle wraparound edge hardware
top lock, key & guides
tabs & top edge hardware left end
right end back
leatherette center strap inside
before picture

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