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Antique Trunk #701

Unique Clinton Wall Trunk with Working Lock & Key

Clinton Wall Trunk Mfg. Co. designed this trunk so it can be placed against a wall or even at the foot of a bed and still open. The unique hinge includes the manufacturer’s name “Clinton Wall Trunk Mfg. Co.” of Clinton Mass., the patent date of “Feb25 1890” with an L (left) and R (right).

The unique hinge allows the trunk to be opened straight up so there is no need to pull the trunk away from the wall to open it. This style of trunk was also called “space savers.” You’ll notice there are no rear hinges.


  1. This high-end trunk is very well made with all original hardware. The hardwood slats are in great condition.
  2. We replaced the missing lift located over the lock.
  3. The beautiful lock works great and comes with a key. It is etched “PATD OCT 2 1883.”
  4. The eye-catching lock plate located behind the lock adds to its overall beauty.
  5. The leather handles and handle end caps are original.
  6. Since the top is almost flat, it offers a nice display surface.
  7. The crown top #2 hasps work great and are in great condition.
  8. The hardwood slats and body of the trunk are in wonderful condition.


  1. The inside offers a nice storage area.

General Information

The outside and inside have several coats of satin polyurethane for protection and hand rubbed for added beauty. The finish is durable, so it’s safe to enjoy while the surface remains very soft to the touch.

This trunk measures 32 inches wide, 19.5 inches front to back, and 18.75 inches tall. This is sure to become a conversation piece and a family keepsake to be handed down through future generations.

Our price includes insurance, packaging, and shipping to any of the 48 contiguous States. If you are west of the Mississippi, please add $50 to the cost of the trunk.

Price: $675

front front angle
fancy lock plate, lock & key top
left end left end hinge
right end right end hinge
original leather handles and hardware back
trunk opened against wall inside
Stacked Trunks
Stacking trunks involves placing multiple antique trunks on top of one another, creating a layered and visually interesting display that adds a decorative element to your space as well as storage. Pictured: Trunk 701 stacked with Trunk 709.

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