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Antique Trunk #709

Flat Top, Civil War Era Trunk

It’s simply amazing to think this trunk survived so many years and is still so beautiful. This is a remarkable piece of American History. It was originally covered with felt like leather, which is why the wood is in such beautiful condition. Once you see the before picture, you’ll be amazed at the transformation. If trunks could only share the details of their travel, this one would surely have stories to tell.

Antique Trunk 709


  1. All the handmade brass buttons are original and in great condition. They decorate the metal banding that wraps around the trunk.
  2. The steel lock and lock plate include a brass keyhole and brass keyhole cover. One would simply slide the cover over to protect the lock during travel.
  3. The leather handles are original and in wonderful condition considering their age.
  4. The top is flat so it can be used for display.
  5. We removed the deteriorated protective outside leather cover to expose its beautiful wood.
  6. We replaced the short leather straps since the original straps were broken.


  1. We replaced the damaged cloth lid stay with leather strips.
  2. The inside can be used to store small treasures.

General Information

The outside and inside has several coats of satin poly for protection and have been hand rubbed for added beauty. The finish is durable and waterproof so it’s safe to enjoy while the surface remains very soft to the touch.
This trunk measures 30 inches wide, 15.5 inches front to back, and approximately 15.5 inches tall (measurements include narrow wooden slats).
Our price includes shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states. If you are west of the Mississippi, please add $25 to the price. (Ca: 1850)

Price: $525

Trunk 709 Front Trunk 709 Brass Key Hole
front brass keyhole & keyhole cover
Trunk 709 Top Trunk 709 Another Flat Top
flat top another flat top
Trunk 709 Left End Trunk 709 Right End
left end right end
Trunk 709 Brass Button Trunk 709 Short Straps
brass button short straps
Trunk 709 Back Trunk 709 Inside
back inside
Trunk 709 before
before picture
Stacked Trunks
Stacking trunks involves placing multiple antique trunks on top of one another, creating a layered and visually interesting display that adds a decorative element to your space as well as storage. Pictured: Trunk 709 stacked with Trunk 701.

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