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Antique Trunk #712

Beautiful 1880s Trunk with Original Hardware, Deep Divided Tray, and Working Corbin Lock & Key

What a great trunk! The warm color tone with the soft look of the metal trim offers a beautiful contrast. The top has a slight curve offering a useable display surface. This is a very popular size trunk since it fits in most spaces.

Trunk 712


  1. All the hardware is original and in great condition.
  2. The lock is original and comes with a key. It is etched “CORBIN LOCK CO. NEW BRITAIN CONN.U.S.A.”
  3. The protective corner hardware did a great job protecting the edges during travel.
  4. The hasps include built-in lifts that help when opening the trunk.
  5. The replacement leather handles are from, while the handle hardware is original.
  6. The large guides located on each side of the lock help to keep the top and bottom of the trunk secure during travel.
  7. The three large rear hinges roll over the back edge for protection.
  8. The top front edge is protected with beautiful, detailed hardware.
  9. The top and rear edges are also protected with metal trim plus hardware in front. The three rear hinges roll over the back metal edge for added protection. Most trunks don’t have the metal edge trim, so this was a real plus during travel.


  1. The inside tray is original. We simply had to replace the deteriorated cardboard bottom with a thin wood bottom for durability. It’s ready to store your smaller items.
  2. The lid stay is also original. With a little guidance, it works great.

General Information

The inside and outside are finished with a tung oil mixture and then a light coat of satin polyurethane. The finish is waterproof and soft to the touch.

This trunk measures 32 inches wide, 19.5 inches front to back, and approximately 22 inches tall (measurements include hardware).

Our price includes insurance, packaging, and shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states. If you are located west of the Mississippi, please add $50 to the price due to its weight.

Price: $600

Trunk 712 front Trunk 712 front angle
front front angle
Trunk 712 guides, lock & key Trunk 712 hasp with lift, corner hardware
guides, lock & key hasp with lift, corner hardware
Trunk 712 top Trunk 712 left end
top left end
Trunk 712 right end Trunk 712 handle hardware
right end handle hardware
Trunk 712 another top view Trunk 712 back
another top view back
Trunk 712 inside deep divided tray Trunk 712 inside without tray
inside deep divided tray inside without tray
Trunk 712 another inside view
another inside view

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