Giving tired, old trunks new life from the beautiful shores of Sebago Lake, Maine.
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Antique Trunk #715

Beautiful 1880s Flat Top, Medium Size Trunk with Top & Front Leatherette Center Band, Leather Straps, Working Lock & Key

Once again, we love restoring such a quality-built trunk. The craftsmanship is to be admired! The warm wood tone and darker trim complement each other. The condition of all the original hardware is amazing.

Trunk 715

This trunk is very similar to our Trunk #708, except this one has a flat top and darker straps compared to the very slight curve of Trunk #708.


  1. The flat top offers a great useable surface.
  2. The hardwood slats are in great condition.
  3. The leather tabs are original. They are attached with original rounded decorative tacks.
  4. All the hardware is original. The heavy-duty wraparound corner hardware did a great job protecting the corners and edge during travel.
  5. The Lock works great comes with a key
  6. The large guides, located on each side of the lock, help to keep the top and body of the trunk securely aligned.
  7. The leatherette built-in wide straps are simply beautiful. We love how the large head nails stand out.
  8. The top front and rear edge are protected metal trim.
  9. The handle hardware is original and in good condition.
  10. The replacement leather straps and handles are from
  11. The hasps include built-in lifts. The hasps are beautiful and in great condition.
  12. The protective edge trim looks similar to leatherette, but it’s actually metal. It’s unique and in remarkable condition.
  13. The bottom includes protective hardware. They are not rollers, but they do lift it a bit protecting the bottom during rough travel.


  1. The inside offers a great storage area.
  2. We removed the old paper lining and sanded all surfaces.
  3. The lid stay is original and works fine.

General Information

The inside and outside are finished with a Tung Oil mixture, satin polyurethane, waxed, and then buffed for added beauty. The finish is waterproof and durable so it’s ready to enjoy.

This trunk measures 34 inches wide, 21.5 inches front to back, and 25 inches tall.

Our price includes shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states. If you are west of the Mississippi, please add $50 to the price.

Price: $600

Trunk 715 Front Trunk 715  front angle
front front angle
Trunk 715 hasp Trunk 715 lock
hasp with lift, corner hardware lock & guides
Trunk 715 top Trunk 715 flat top
top angle flat top
Trunk 715 leather tab Trunk 715 left end
original leather tab & leather strap left end
Trunk 715 right end Trunk 715 back
right end back
Trunk 715 inside Trunk 715 in natural light
inside trunk in natural light

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